Jon Watts gives tips to future Spider-Man directors

Watts isn't a fan of practical effects.

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Before Jon Watts signed on to direct Spider-Man: Homecoming, he was a relatively unknown director, known only to people who had seen the horror film Clown and Kevin Bacon's cop film Cop Car. Now he's made three films about Spider-Man and feels he's done with the superhero and ready to take on other projects. We still don't know who will direct a fourth film starring Tom Holland, but whoever it is, Watts is now sharing some tips... Don't use practical effects!

"I have a very practical bit of Spider-Man advice, and I think every Spider-Man director goes through it. It doesn't look good when someone is just swinging on a rope. You think you're gonna go in there, you're like, 'we're gonna do it all practical. We're gonna get a stuntman. We're gonna be swinging around.' It's boring. It looks dumb. It looks like a monkey swinging on a vine when you put someone on just a rope. Don't waste your time. That's my advice to the next Spider-Man director."

Jon Watts gives tips to future Spider-Man directors

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