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Join us for today's PlayStation 5 deep dive on GR Live

We'll have editors from around the world joining the discussion before and after Sony's Mark Cerny reveals the latest details on PS5.

As we reported yesterday, today is the day that Sony will unveil a bunch of details related to the upcoming PlayStation 5. Lead system architect Mark Cerny will be on hand at 4pm GMT / 5pm CET and we'll be starting our own coverage 15 minutes before then, at 3.45pm GMT specifically, over on GR Live, where you'll be able to see the whole reveal.

And then, after the promised deep dive into the hardware that's set to power Sony's next home console, we'll have further discussion with editors from the world joining Dóri to pick through the announcements and talk about what they're looking forward to the most from the next PlayStation.

If you're looking forward to the next console generation, don't miss it!

Join us for today's PlayStation 5 deep dive on GR Live

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