Join us for Summer Game Fest live tonight

We'll be going over all the big reveals in a special edition of GR Live.

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If you're sitting down to watch Summer Game Fest tonight and want it with a little bit of Gamereactor spice, come on down to our livestream, where we'll be hosting the official stream revealing all that 2024 and beyond has to offer.

Geoff Keighley might not believe 2024 will be as big as last year when it comes to releases, but that's still no excuse not to be hyped about tonight's proceedings. We're bound to see some interesting updates, new reveals, and potentially some surprises.

If you're wanting to catch up on all things gaming with us, join us on the GR Live homepage from 22:00 BST/23:00 CEST for our coverage and keep an eye out on our main page for more details, exclusive previews, and more from our guys over in LA.

Join us for Summer Game Fest live tonight

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