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Join us for some Olija on today's GR Live

We're diving into a couple of hours of Skeleton Crew Studio's adventure game.

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It's a new week, which means we're getting back into another week of GR Live streams. To start with, we're going to be diving into Skeleton Crew Studio's fantasy adventure game based on Faraday's quest, Olija, a title that sees players having to cross and escape a hostile and mysterious country with various other castaways who found themselves shipwrecked on this land.

With an eye-catching 8-bit pixel art style, we're going to be diving into a couple of hours of Olija later today, when we go live at the usual time of 15:00 GMT / 16:00 CET, at the typical place of the GR Live homepage. With Rebeca hosting today, be sure to drop by to catch us on our journey through this land and to see what kinds of adversity this unusual land has to serve up.

To get an idea as to what Olija will have in store, be sure to also catch the launch trailer for the game below.


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