Tonight We Riot

Join the revolution against capitalism in Tonight We Riot

The new action indie game Tonight We Riot has been released for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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We don't know if there will ever be a revolution against the capitalist system, but for now, you can lead one yourself in Tonight We Riot, the game developed by Pixel Pushers Union 512.

In Tonight We Riot, which has a strong retro visual aspect, we handle several heroes who are against the capitalist system where the elite controls the media, politics and workers, so they decide to rise up against the established. What begins as a revolution with weapons, turns into a crazy adventure where even kaiju appear.

The beat 'em up-style game is intended for a single player, but includes co-op mode on a shared screen, and is now available on Steam and Nintendo Switch, through the eShop.

The developers describe the content of the game in this way "violence and gore are prevalent throughout the game, although always represented in an 8-bit retro pixelated style. This includes police brutality and violent reactions to it." They also joke as owners of a capitalist product, "please, spend your money on our game, Tonight We Riot."

You can watch the trailer below.


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