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Fast X

Join the Fast X family with this interactive poster platform

It's all about family.

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Do you ever look at those badass Fast X movie posters and wish you could be in one of them? If so, we have just the news for you, because Universal has now launched a platform that allows you to edit your face into those very posters to become part of the Fast X family.

The system simply asks you to take a selfie, or to add an image from your photos, and then optionally add a name, choose from a background colour, and then in a few moments, you'll find yourself behind the wheel and looking like an action star.

You can even create multiple posters, each featuring a friend or family member, which can then be edited into a short reel that makes it look like a silly trailer for the film. Needless to say, Fast fans won't want to miss this opportunity.

As for when the movie is slated for release, Fast X is set to debut in cinemas on May 19.

Fast X

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