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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Johnta is new Winstrike Team CS:GO coach

We also find out that the team has parted ways with Daniil 'PipsoN' Mescheryakov as well, as part of a "mutual decision".

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Esports organisation Winstrike Team has revealed that Ivan 'Johnta' Shevtsov is coming on board as a CS:GO coach, having worked with FlipSid3 Tactics, HellRaisers, and TyLoo in the past.

"I'm glad to return to my native region and work with Russian-language roster. Especially I'm happy to work with Winstrike. I always liked their passion about the game. I'm full of enthusiasm and can't wait for the first practices and officials. I know what to give to the team to reach the new level and to cheer our fans with great performance," Johnta said.

Winstrike Team head manager Adalyat Mamedov added: "Since today Ivan Johnta Shevtsov is our new CS:GO coach. I think we're pretty relative as how we see the team and organization functioning. Jonhta is the great specialist and I'm sure we will get better results in short period of time."

Daniil 'PipsoN' Mescheryakov has also left the team due to "mutual decision" as well.

Johnta has already started his Winstrike career yesterday at the UCC Summer Smash. Are you pleased to see him there?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Winstrike Team

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