John Romero talks Quake Champions and the new Doom

Studio co-founder talks us through new and upcoming id shooters.

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At Gamelab 2016 in Barcelona, Gamereactor were lucky enough to catch up with one of the founders of the FPS genre, John Romero, and we asked him about his thoughts on both the upcoming Quake Champions as well as the latest Doom game.

"They look really great, you know, it's amazing to see the translation of the original creatures into the new ones and using the latest and greatest technology and animation, and that it was a reboot so it was trying to be faithful to the original game and the metrics of firing the guns and the damage and everything being recreated, movement, everything.

"It was great to see the team cared so much about recreating the classic to really go for it in the future from there forward and make something new hopefully".

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Romero continued, this time focusing on the upcoming update to his other genre-defining title.

"Then with the announcement of Quake Champions... this is basically a scene where you look at Bethesda and think about Bethesda's viewpoint, like, here are these three franchises, one of them is this cool Wolfenstein, German, Nazi thing, the other one is Doom, is this demonic shooter, and then Quake which they decided "let's go off of the Quake Live, Quake III Arena multiplayer because the segment that they want to nail is esports and the Overwatch, TF2, Lawbreakers area.

"And so Quake was an example of a game that went into that multiplayer-only territory and would be accepted by players as being a multiplayer-only game, whereas the Quake that I made was not.

"It was a single-player game, and it was multiplayer, and it was H.P. Lovecraft design, and very dark and disturbing. I think there's still room for making another one of those, but it's great to see that they're still going and that with the successes of the most recent installations I just don't see them not making the next versions of them".

So it seems Romero approves of the latest Quake and Doom ventures, although when it comes to Quake maybe he might like to see something more akin to the original in the future.

Doom (left) and Quake Champions (right).

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