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John Romero is developing a new first-person shooter

Romero Games is currently looking to build out a team to create the project.

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One of the creators of the equally classic and popular shooter series Doom, John Romero, announces that he has a new game in the works as he also looks for developers. Romero's studio went public with a job search on Twitter and the idea is that this will be a return to what made him famous. It's a first-person action game in a brand new franchise. As he hasn't created a game of this type in years (the last game Romero Games made was Empire of Sin), many fans of his previous works seems to be very excited on social media.

We at Gamereactor think it's exciting to see how famous developers navigate the modern gaming world. Unfortunately, we've also seen some missteps, like when Julian Gollop (creator of X-Com and a genre) failed to convince the gaming world with his Phoenix Point in the same genre he helped create.

John Romero is developing a new first-person shooter

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