John Romero digs into archives for Quake's 20th Anniversary

20 years on, Romero takes a look back at the original vision

20 years ago yesterday Quake launched and according to director John Romero there was a big following even before its release. In a post celebrating the anniversary he uploaded several pre-launch screenshots of the game, interviews and other information for fans of the series to reminisce over.

Included is a Quaketalk 95 document which details a variety of early design information. Included are emails regarding the engine, developer's notes about development process and even logs from chatrooms where Romero teased the game to fans of id Software. Romero claimed this information would give fans a different look at the game.

The early screenshots included in the post may also be familiar to those who were looking for information prior to the game's release as well. Also included are trading cards a fan sent to Romero following the game's release.

Just last week, Bethesda and id Software revealed Quake Champions, a brand new multiplayer-focused entry in the series.


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