Helldivers II

Johan Pilestedt hands over management of Arrowhead Games Studio to Shams Jorjani

The former CEO of the studio will continue as creative director of Helldivers II.

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The meteoric ride to galactic freedom on Helldivers II has been a rollercoaster of emotions for Arrowhead Games Studios. Firstly, because of the huge reception of the game at launch. Then, for its ongoing dialogue and complicity with the growing community of dedicated gamers and, last but not least, for the tough battle on Steam against Sony for the forced intrusion of PSN into the PC version of the game.

It's hard to navigate space while dodging so many asteroids, and it looks like Arrowhead needed help on the bridge. Johan Pilestedt, Helldivers II Director and CEO of the studio, announced on X that he has hired Shams Jorjani as the new head of the studio.

Shams Jorjani is a well-known consultant and investor in the industry, as well as a keen gamer, so he fully understands the philosophy of the studio and what they want to achieve. This is not bad news at all, as Pilestedt wants to focus on his role as creative director and continue to manage the democracy of Super Earth.

Helldivers II

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