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Joe Danger Infinity

Joe Danger Infinity

Back in 2010 the world got a new daredevil

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His name was Joe Danger, and he was asked to race through a ton of tracks while doing daredevil stunts admits colourful surroundings.

The controls in this PlayStation exclusive game were tight, the challenges many, and it was one of those games that you just had to fire up for a quick five minute session only to see the entire evening disappear.

Joe Danger Infinity

It took more than a year before Xbox owners could enjoy Hello Games' comic book universe, and a few more years would pass before Joe Danger took the leap to iOS in the form of Joe Danger Touch .

Unlike so many other console spinoffs for mobiles, the conversion wasn't a letdown. No moment where the player longed for a proper controller. Hello Games had studied the art of touch interfaces and redesigned the game controls from scratch; no more virtual joypads or confusing buttons.

With Joe Danger Infinity, Hello Games repeats that successful formula. The title doesn't refer to the fact there's infinite tracks (there isn't), or that there's just an insane number of them (there's a lot though, spread over seventeen areas). It may be a nod to Disney Infinity, as this time joe Danger's been reborn as an action figure.

Again you race while fighting against time, moles and martians, jumping or doing other daring stunts . But Joe Danger is not alone. He is joined by a little over twenty other characters, and about the same number applies to the amount of vehicles. This time they range from military vehicles, rockets, rubber ducks(!), aircrafts and, of course, motorcycles.

These can be purchased via the game's currency, which is earned in each stage, and they're not just cosmetic changes. Each ride has its own special properties such as long jumps, bonus scores or gaining more coin.

Joe Danger InfinityJoe Danger Infinity

It seems like Hello Games have felt content to deliver more of the same, just refined the mechanics and heighten the detail. And there's no reason to complain about that choice; control is once more top notch (even slightly more responsive than before), while the courses are a joy and look lovely.

The newer elements can be spotted in the game's bonus stages. Hello Games keeps the experience fresh with weird bonus levels, asking you to combat a military helicopter, hit moles and tackle an alien spaceship, just to name a few distractions.

At the same time you need to pay attention to the so-called Gumball Drops, which can be used in a vending machine after the completion of the course. Here you may be lucky enough to win a new character or more gold for your virtual purse.

Joe Danger InfinityJoe Danger Infinity

Joe Danger is always furiously hectic, and you are constantly preoccupied with pressing bubbles, dodging obstacles, steering your character or collecting coins. Several of the courses are going to demand replays if you're the type who goes after three stars or high scores.

Not everything is rosy though. IAP (in-App purchases / micro transactions) shows its ugly face. Vehicles are expensive to buy, and it is tempting to spend real money to be able to unlock them, as some are required to play the bonus stages. If you fail a course, you are also offered to pay real money to complete the course, be invulnerable, double your score or collect more coins automatically.

It seems annoying to have this opportunity thrown at me every time I fail, and I would have liked the game to be without this tease. But with a starting price of 99p, it is understandable that Hello Games is trying to pull in a little money by other means. However, in Joe's case this issue is a small one. If you are bothered by the inclusion, deduct a point off the score below.

Fortunately Joe Danger Infinity delivers on all the other essentials. Crisp frame-rate, colourful graphics, great design, cool music and intense commentary are all once more part of the package. While the last may seem a bit too much, the audio complements the gameplay and lets you know what's going on at all times.

Joe Danger InfinityJoe Danger Infinity

Hello Games shows with Joe Danger Infinity how to convert a solid console game to mobile without compromising either challenge or control. If you're a fan of stunts, you can safely add this to your mobile's home screen.

Joe Danger InfinityJoe Danger Infinity
Joe Danger Infinity
Joe Danger Infinity
Joe Danger Infinity
Joe Danger Infinity
Joe Danger Infinity
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The addition of more intrusive micro-transactions
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