Doctor Strange

Joaquin Phoenix almost got the role of Doctor Strange

Instead of being a supervillain in Joker, he could have been an MCU hero.

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It's hard to imagine anyone else in the role of Doctor Strange other than the ever-charismatic Benedict Cumberbatch, but the fact is that things could have been very different.

According to the film's director, it was extremely close that the role of the magical doctor went to none other than Joaquin Phoenix, something Derrickson talked about in an interview with Slash Film.

"Well, all I'll say is I spent some time with him. I spent a couple of long afternoons with him and really was really impressed with him personally and his thought process."

"This is what I'll say: I think he was giving, I think he was opening his mind to the possibility. I think he was investigating the possibility. I met with a bunch of actors, and Joaquin was the one that I spent the most time with"

Derrickson mentioned that in the end it just didn't feel right, and that both his and Phoenix's own conclusion was that the MCU simply wasn't for him.

"As we continued to talk, it became clear to me that Joaquin didn't really belong in that movie and probably never belonged in the MCU. He's a very specific guy with very specific goals as an actor, and a very specific way of performing."

Phoenix himself has also commented on his being or not being in the MCU, as well as his motivation for turning down the roles presented to him.

"I've flirted with several of those films, having meetings and getting close, but ultimately it never felt like they'd really be fulfilling. There were too many requirements that went against my instincts for character. I've been spoiled. I've never had to make those compromises."

Could you imagine Phoenix in any MCU role, and if so, which one?

Doctor Strange

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