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Jk leaves compLexity's starting lineup

He's still a part of the organisation, though.

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CompLexity's Dota 2 team has announced that Justin Rosselle, known in the team as 'jk' will not be a part of the team's starting lineup in the upcoming Boston Major. He will be remaining as part of the organisation, though, at least until the Major has finished.

The reason jk is staying as a part of the organisation for now is because he was part of the main roster when the team earned entry to the Boston Major, and removing him from the team may lead to disqualification. Jk has stated that he no longer wishes to play for compLexity due to to 'interpersonal reasons' and stress, however.

General Manager of comLexity Kevin Bautista released a statement regarding jk's departure, saying: "Over the past two months the coL.Dota team has been training and competing in a large amount of events. Weeks upon weeks of practice and matches naturally lead to stress in players and teams. Unfortunately in this case, despite efforts to alleviate stress and remedy interpersonal issues, Justin has expressed that he no longer wishes to continue in his position as a player for our team."

"We will be speaking with Valve to discuss how to best proceed with respect to the Boston Major, and we will be looking to use a substitute for this week's upcoming Northern Arena BEAT Invitational. We will provide additional information when it is available. We would also like to thank Justin for his time with the team. While he was not with coL.Dota for very long, he was integral to our success in qualifying for the Boston Major. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors."

"Finally we would like to say sorry. Sorry to Team NP, to ESL, our fans and the viewers of tonight's match. Respect for competition is one the pillars upon which the compLexity organisation was built. Despite it being the only option available to us, swapping to a substitute mid-match is something that impacted the quality of the competition, and for that we apologise. In 36 hours we leave for Montreal, and three weeks after that for Boston. We have work to do, but we hope to see you there, supporting coL.Dota."

In a two-series set of matches between compLexity and team NP on Sunday, jk was replaced half way through the games by Jaron 'monkeys-forever' Clinton, who has been known to bounce around teams in recent years. Where do you think jk will go next?

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Photo: compLexity Gaming

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