Rainbow Six: Siege

Jill Valentine is visiting Rainbow Six Siege

The 1996 version of Valentine will be transforming attacker Zofia.

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Capcom is spreading the 25th anniversary love for Resident Evil, and has previously announced that Ubisoft's The Division 2 is getting Resident Evil skins. But it turns out it isn't the only guest appearance from the famous horror series that Capcom/Ubisoft have planned.

Yesterday it was revealed during the Year 6 Dev Panel that we can actually also look forward to Jill Valentine visiting Rainbow Six: Siege by transforming GROM Attacker Zofia Bosak to the famous zombie butt kicker Jill Valentine in her original 1996 incarnation with a new Elite skin. This skin seems really well made with a lot of attention for the fans, and also includes a new win-pose as well as a weapon skin.

Jill Valentine will join Rainbow Six Siege at some point this year, and will actually get company by another Resident Evil character skin. Who this is, is yet to be revealed though. We really wouldn't mind the Navy SEAL attacker Black Beard as Barry Burton. Is there anyone in particular you think would be a great fit?

Rainbow Six: Siege
Rainbow Six: Siege
Rainbow Six: Siege

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