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Jfeel: "We were prepared to just rip Philadelphia Fusion into pieces"

London Spitfire's coach has fighting words ahead of the finals.

The Overwatch League finals are starting tomorrow in Brooklyn's Barclays Center, and during the media day today we got to talk to a lot of people involved with the finals, including a London Spitfire triple interview with Profit, Fury, and the coach Jfeel, the latter of which had strong words when asked how the team prepared for the final.

"We were prepared to just rip Philadelphia Fusion into pieces," was Jfeel's simple response, via the translator.

We also asked about what Fury's thoughts were on the whole of the first season, to which he said: "There were definitely moments to be remembered, and overall in general it was just a great experience, and just experiencing the American culture as well, coming from Korea, was something new and it was very exciting."

Can Spitfire win the finals?

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