Jez Corden: "100% Steam is on the next Xbox"

Microsoft has previously said they are open to allow competing store fronts on Xbox.

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We've known for a long time that Windows Central editor Jez Corden has good contacts at Microsoft, and he's often been early with big scoops about what the Xbox team in particular has going on. Now he is at it again, and states that the next Xbox console will with 100% certainty support Steam.

While this is probably speculation on his part rather than something he knows, 100% is still automatically interesting. Having Steam support for Xbox would mean that it would suddenly be possible to play games like The Last of Us: Part I, Horizon Forbidden West and the recently released Helldivers II on Microsoft's console, and that the format would also have a huge range of indies that otherwise would have missed their console.

Until we know more, this is obviously just a rumour, but Corden has been right about spectacular things before and time will tell if his 100% really means 100%.

Jez Corden: "100% Steam is on the next Xbox"

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