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      Rainbow Six: Siege

      Jesse Lingard's esports organisation is now competing in Rainbow Six Siege

      After acquiring Audacity Esports, JLINGZ will be represented in the UK and Ireland Nationals Second Division.

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      Manchester United and England professional footballer Jesse Lingard announced his own esports brand a few years ago. Known as JLINGZ, the organisation has steadily been growing over the years, and now today, it has taken a significant step by picking up a team to be an official competitor in Rainbow Six: Siege.

      The team that is competing under the temporary name of Team JLE was previously under the Audacity Esports banner before being acquired by the footballer. With this new name, the roster will be representing the JLINGZ brand in the UK and Ireland Nationals Second Division in its next appearance.

      "My JLINGZ brand has been growing for a number of years but to finally dive into esports and add my own teams to JLINGZ is incredible," said Lingard. "Esports has everything for me it's fast paced and competitive, the community is amazing and it's been great to have Ubisoft's support on this journey too. Watch this space, JLINGZ esports is going all the way!"

      The team hopes to one day qualify for the 2022 European Challenger League to fight for a spot in the Rainbow Six big leagues.

      Rainbow Six: Siege

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