Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Jeremy Renner is open to returning to Mission: Impossible

And explains he left the franchise because it was too time consuming to film.

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What happened to Jeremy Renner's character in Mission: Impossible? The Hawkeye actor joined the action franchise as it was effectively rebooting and reframing itself as a blockbuster series not to be missed, but then after a couple of instalments Renner stopped appearing in the films. We now know why.

Speaking with Collider, Renner revealed that he was supposed to appear in other Mission: Impossible films but decided to exit as he wanted to put his family first as they were very time consuming to film.

"Yeah. I had to leave that. I was supposed to do more with them. I love those guys. I love Tom [Cruise] so much. We had so much fun, and I love that character a lot. It requires a lot of time away. It's all in London. I had to go be a dad. It just wasn't gonna work out then."

But this doesn't mean that we won't see Renner reprising his role of William Brandt in the future.

"Maybe now that my daughter is older that could happen. I'd always jump into a Mission: Impossible anytime and back into Brandt. It's great."

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Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
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