Jeff Kaplan 'would love' Overwatch movie or series

We sat down for a chat with the game director of Blizzard's Overwatch.

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Recently we sat down for a chat with game director Jeff Kaplan at the Fun & Serious event in Bilbao, Spain, and among the subject discussed was the possibility of creating a CG movie or something similar based on the popular shooter.

"We would really love to make something like a feature film or an episodic series. These are things that we're very, very interested in. At Blizzard, we're extremely lucky on the Overwatch team that we get a partner with a group at Blizzard called story and franchise development. And that group is creatively lead by Jeff Chamberlain, who was the gentleman who directed the animated short that announced Overwatch, the moment with the two kids in the museum. And Jeff and his crew are the best partners we possibly ask for, and they are always pushing us to explore the other mediums to tell the story of Overwatch and they partner very closely with us. We make the animated shorts together, we make the comics together and so we are constantly talking about what other things could we be doing. We know we can not do a lot of linear narrative within the game itself, it's a 6v6 PVP game, so we are very open-minded to exploring other areas."

"Now, on the flip side, we are also very protective and Jeff along with us is very protective of Overwatch and we think of it as our baby. And we would never want to do anything that didn't live up to the expectations of our fans. So, while we are super excited to explore other opportunities we are also very, very picky and very controlling when it comes to the franchise."

You can check out the entire interview with Kaplan in the video player below and the remarks on a potential movie are around the ten-minute mark.


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