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Jeff Kaplan: Total Mayhem is more suited to a Custom Game

The Overwatch game mode has become popular with fans, but lead designer Kaplan has mixed feelings towards Total Mayhem.

Total Mayhem is an Overwatch game mode that has proven rather popular over the years, as it started life as a brawl before making its way to Arcade after a strong fan response. Lead designer Jeff Kaplan, however, has revealed that he'd rather make it a Custom Game, and has explained his reasoning behind this on the forums.

"I think it's awesome that you enjoy Total Mayhem so much," he said in response to fans. "I am extra critical of it because I literally implemented that mode (I don't get to do a lot of implementation on the game anymore... and I miss it!). I made the mode very early on, when our technology was nascent. We didn't have a lot to work with and it was a very simple thing to put together. All in all, I don't think it plays well and has a host of problems. I feel like it's the type of mode that belongs more in Custom Game. I get that people enjoy it - and that makes me happy... but if it weren't for it's legacy, I would simply retire it permanently to a Custom Game mode."

"Lots of people like a lot of different modes and we try to make space for as many of them as we reasonably can. Hopefully more people will go to Custom Game for these type of modes."

Speaking of mayhem, players are creating a lot of cool new modes with the Workshop feature that was just revealed for the game, with everything from a Wrecking Ball race mode to a recreation of Zelda's Navi being made in the days since.

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