Overwatch 2

Jeff Kaplan leaves Blizzard after 19 years

The World of Warcraft and Overwatch lead won't get to finish Overwatch 2.

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I'm guessing the large majority of those of you who have played World of Warcraft or Overwatch, or just seen developer updates videos, know who Jeff Kaplan is. He's been what you might call an icon at Blizzard for almost nineteen years now, but he won't get to celebrate twenty.

Because Blizzard has announced that Kaplan is leaving the company. Neither the company or Kaplan want to say why he has made the decision now while being the lead on Overwatch 2, but maybe he's just ready to try something new in the games industry or something else.

Speaking of Overwatch 2, we're also told that Aaron Keller is replacing Kaplan as Game Director of the highly anticipated game, and Keller celebrates his new promotion by stating that we'll get more information about it "very soon".

Overwatch 2

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