Perfect Dark

Jeff Grubb: "Perfect Dark is in a very rough state"

We should probably not expect to see it anytime soon then.

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In 2018, Microsoft started The Initiative studio. The idea was that it would be a prestige developer led by Darrell Gallagher, the man who rebooted Tomb Raider in 2013.

However, the reality is that the studio has not released a single game. In 2020, it was announced that they are working on a new Perfect Dark, but several big names have dropped out since then and Crystal Dynamics stepped in as a partner to help complete the game in 2021.

And so far we haven't heard any signs of life, and maybe it will be a while before we see anything. Well-known and credible journalist Jeff Grubb says in the latest Giant Bombcast (via Neogaf) that Perfect Dark probably has a long way to go before it can be released:

"The fallout from this (today's layoffs), been hearing more and more... been hearing for years that Perfect Dark is in a rough state, sounds like it's in a very rough state.

And it doesn't sound like it's really come together in any way since then (since the announcement) and like Crystal Dynamics coming on board to come help on that."

Last June, Xbox Game Studios boss Matt Booty said we should expect to see Perfect Dark within 18 months, meaning by December this year at the very latest. But if Grubb is right, this seems unlikely and the question is how long Microsoft will be patient with this seemingly very expensive project.

Perfect Dark

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