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Jeanette Maus, an actress who provided voice work for Resident Evil Village, has passed away aged 39

The actress voiced several characters within the upcoming horror game.

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It has just been reported that Jeanette Maus, an actress who lent her vocal talent to Resident Evil Village, has just passed away aged 39. Maus had been battling with colon cancer for the last eight months and she sadly passed before the game's release date of May 7, 2021.

The actress' fiancé, Dusty Warren, confirmed the news within a Facebook post, and said: "It is with a shattered-yet grateful-heart that I inform you that Jeanette Maus passed away late last night due to complications of cancer. I'm really sad, but I'm super proud of her. She fought so hard, with tremendous grace and optimism, inspiring myself and I'm sure many of you."

As well as providing the voices for several characters including one of the witch sisters in Village, Maus had starred in movies such as Your Sister's Sister and Charm City Kings. Her performance within Resident Evil Village was her most high profile credits within a video game and it stands as one of her final performances to be released.

Resident Evil Village

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