JBL's Quantum Stream Talk microphone is ideal for improving your stream setup

This single condenser microphone is made to pick up a single voice loud and clear.

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JBL is looking to help you expand and improve your streaming setup with a microphone option that is all about picking up a single voice loud and clearly. Known as the Quantum Stream Talk, this is a single condenser microphone that uses a super cardioid pattern to pick up just your voice without any unwanted background audio.

The microphone also features a one-press muting button and has a plug and play design making it ever easier to put to use. There are a few added extras and bonuses too, including a built-in shock absorber, an easy-to-adjust control knob, and a flexible design, and you can see how this all performs in practice in the latest episode of Quick Look.

Our very own Magnus has put the device to the test in the new video, where he shares a bunch of facts and thoughts about the device and how it works in action.


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