JBL's Quantum Stream Studio is ideal for those looking to improve their streaming setup

We've made the gadget the focus of the latest episode of Quick Look.

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With such a plentiful array of microphones and audio devices available to pick up these days, it can be challenging to know which one best suits your situation. Hopefully, with our Quick Look video series we've made it a bit easier to cross these waters, something we're continuing today by making the JBL Quantum Stream Studio the focus of our latest episode.

This device is a triple condenser microphone that offers four selectable voice pick-up patterns, alongside a dynamic range compressor, all of which should come together and improve your audio efforts for your stream and other content creation goals.

To learn more about the JBL Quantum Stream Studio, be sure to check out the latest episode of Quick Look below, where our very own Magnus shares a bunch of facts and thoughts about the device.


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