JBL Quantum Stream

A microphone for a beginner streamer.

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JBL is traditionally known for its Hi-Fi products, but now they are entering the videogame space as well. JBL has now launched their first gaming microphone, the Quantum Stream. It is quite a small (and simple) basic microphone with a few nice features. It clearly replaces those traditional headset microphones, but not much else.

Without its RGB lighting the microphone is inconspicuous. It stands on top of a pretty light pedestal, which usually keeps the microphone in place. You may twist or turn the pedestal in a way that suits your personal microphoning needs better, and the pedestal is detachable, in case you want to use a separate stand/arm for the microphone. Aside from having a port for USB and headphones there is only a volume control, that can easily be muted with a touch of a finger. At the bottom of the microphone itself is a strip of light that changes colour depending on what state the microphone is in. In other words, the colour of the light is a clear indicator if the microphone is on mute, for example. You can adjust the lights and the sound details with JBL's own software.

JBL Quantum Stream

There are only two sound patterns: cardioid and omni. Cardioid is probably the standard choice for most people, because the sound is gathered straight from the front. It would be nice to see more ways to adjust the direction of sound gathering so that it would eliminate background noise, for example from a keyboard while typing. JBL's automatic noise cancelling is not that great, so even a little bit of louder background noise can be heard through the microphone.

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The sound of the microphone is clear, maybe a little flat but balanced, and when using the basic setup there's not too much bass or discant. It takes a while to get used to hearing your own voice while gaming, but the same is true with all microphones. JBL Quantum Stream is great when talking to your teammates while playing, but if you are looking for a way to create more high-quality audio content, you should look elsewhere.

The JBL Quantum Stream costs around 100 euros, and you get a good, balanced and unsurprising sound quality. It's a solid choice for someone, who wants to put a bit more effort into the way they sound over what a regular headset can offer, but don't want to pay that much extra. The microphone is pretty small, and it's easy to place on the table. And best of all, it doesn't require that much adjusting before you can start using it.

JBL Quantum Stream
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