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Jason Schreier says the rumoured Google controller "not real"

Images have emerged showing an alleged mock-up of a controller based on a patent, but apparently this is old news.

Google's move into the gaming space has been the topic of rumours for a fair while now, and fuel was added to the fire when outlets like Thurrott reported on a patent that had apparently emerged for a Google controller. After that was discovered, RepsUp100 shared mock-up images on Twitter (which you can see below), and a lot of buzz was generated by the images.

However, Kotaku's Jason Schreier (who has reliably reported on a lot of information in the past) has taken to Twitter to debunk this.

"It's amazing how many people I've seen sharing and commenting on this "Google controller" - it's not real! Someone mocked up these images based on Google patents from 2014. Patents are misleading and rarely reflect reality," he wrote.

That doesn't mean that Google isn't planning a move into gaming though, as they'll be at the Game Developer Conference (GDC) where they may reveal a game streaming service called Yeti. Since GDC runs from March 18 to 22, with Google's keynote scheduled for March 19, we don't have long to wait before we get a more solid idea of what they have up their sleeve.

What do you want to see from Google at GDC?

Jason Schreier says the rumoured Google controller "not real"

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