Days Gone

Jason Schreier: Days Gone 2 is not in development at Sony Bend

Schreier: "Anyway, Days Gone 2 was rejected in 2019 and is not in development at Sony Bend."

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In the massive report from Bloomberg, written by Jason Schreier, we could read about Sony's journey from smaller games towards safer and bigger bets. This had reportedly led to Sony Bend not being greenlighted to do a sequel to Days Gone, with half the team assigned to help Naughty Dog with a multiplayer game and the other half assigned to work on a new Uncharted game under Naughty Dog's supervision.

Recently, Sony Bend was removed from the Uncharted project on their own demand, and according to Schreier, they are now doing a new project of their own. Some has hoped this would be Days Gone 2, but Schreier decided to crush all those hope late yesterday and tweeted:

"One of the most unpleasant things about covering gaming is the way Gamers will jump through hoops to deny news they dislike, from No Man's Sky delays to work conditions at their favorite studios.

Anyway, Days Gone 2 was rejected in 2019 and is not in development at Sony Bend."

While not an official confirmation, it's probably the second best source you can get. Basically, start looking forward to whatever Sony Bend is developing next - but if you are expecting more adventures with Deacon St. John and his bike, expect to be disappointed.

Days Gone

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