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Jared Leto gets vampiric in new Morbius trailer

The Spider-Man universe gets another dark film, and we can expect to see Leto stalk the night in 2020.

Hardcore Marvel fans will know Morbius as The Living Vampire, who has appeared alongside Spider-Man as well as in his own series, and now Jared Leto will be bringing him to the big screen in the 2020 film simply titled Morbius.

A brand new trailer has been released for the film, which gives us a glimpse at the origin story in question. Leto's character has a rare blood disease, and accidentally gives himself vampirism in an attempt to cure it. We even get a brief look at the monster he turns into as well, which is a pretty spooky sight.

Have you heard of Morbius?

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Jared Leto gets vampiric in new Morbius trailer

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