Japan's first esports hotel opens its doors to gamers

e-ZONe welcomed customers at the start of July, and by the sounds of things, it's our idea of paradise.

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Our idea of paradise seems to have been created, although it is quite a journey to get there! In Osaka, Japan the country's first esport hotel known as e-ZONe has recently opened its doors to gamers and is fully kitted out with top-end gaming PCs.

e-ZONe is reportedly stacked with 72 top gaming PCs and is said to cater to special events, such as esports competitions. There are also huge 55-inch monitors said to be on each floor and a range of different peripherals available for the PC setups. We can't say the capsule beds in the accommodation look too comfortable, but after a late-night gaming session, we're sure we wouldn't be too fussy about where we rested our head!

Let's hope this venture proves to be successful so that we can see more esports hotels open up across other areas in the world. You can find out more about the hotel here.

Thanks, Esports.com.

Japan's first esports hotel opens its doors to gamers

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