Monster Hunter Rise

Japanese tech company gives employees Monster Hunter vacation

The employer allowed workers to take and break and play Monster Hunter Rise.

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In the late 80's, there were reports about the Japanese government asking video game companies to release games during weekends to avoid people staying home to play games instead of going to school/work. Now we've gotten a story in that vein from Huffington Post Japan.

It it the Japanese company Mark-on, specialized in VR, that has decided to give all the employees a day off when Monster Hunter Rise launches this Friday. The CEO Masaki Hiyama calls this the "MonHun Day" and wrote to his employees:

"March 26 will be the release date of Monster Hunter Rise, and since it is expected that we will not be able to concentrate on our work, I will be making that day a 'MonHun vacation'."

Hiyama later explained to Huffington Post why he decided to go this route and said:

"There were several employees who said they wanted to take the day off on the 26th because they wanted to play MonHun immediately, so we took the plunge and did this. We received words of thanks and appreciation from employees for giving them this day off."

Let's just say gaming in Japan still is sort of magic and on another level, isn't it?

Monster Hunter Rise

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