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Japanese developers should be proud of the term JRPG, according to Devil May Cry creator

Hideki Kamiya believes the term should be celebrated moving forward.

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The term JRPG can be a bit of a controversial one depending on which gaming circles you find yourself in. Some can take it to mean that Japanese RPGs should be classed as different from role-playing games designed by other developers. However, Bayonetta and Devil May Cry creator believes the term is a positive thing.

Speaking with VGC, he said: "When you look at Bayonetta as a character, she doesn't look strong like Kratos, she doesn't look like she could take on these massive demons, but she was very unique in the way she was created, in the way we view action game heroes, from a unique Japanese viewpoint."

"When it comes to the term 'JRPG', this is something that ties into this - these are RPG games that, in a sense, only Japanese creators can make with their unique sensitivity when it comes to creating these experiences. I think it's certainly something that should be celebrated moving forward, and someone should actually aim to make a 'king of JRPGs' game to express that. As Japanese game creators, we're very proud of the actual term JRPG."

Despite whether you agree with the term or not, it's clear that a game being a JRPG has not harmed how many sales it can get, as a lot of incredible franchises come from Japanese developers, as Kamiya has highlighted.

What do you think, should JRPG be a term of pride?

Devil May Cry 5

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