Japan is getting Shin Megami Tensei II as part of this month's NSO additions

The shared titles between both regions are Psycho Dream and Fire 'n Ice.

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Yesterday, we reported that Nintendo Switch Online subscribers are getting access to four new titles next week on the NES and SNES apps. Now it has surfaced just what games Japan will be getting access to, and as usual, there is quite the difference to what we're getting in the west.

The big difference here is Shin Megami Tensei II. This post-apocalyptic RPG originally launched exclusively in Japan in 1994 and it received a Famitsu score of 28/40 upon its release. The game isn't the only entry from the series to debut on the Nintendo Online Service, as its predecessor Shin Megami Tensei launched on the app in Japan in July.

Both Psycho Dream and Fire 'n Ice (known as Solomon's Key 2 in Japan) remain consistent in the line-up, but there is another change. Instead of Doomsday Warrior, fans are receiving Mario's Super Picross. This puzzler, as you might remember, has already come to the SNES app in the west, as it joined the service alongside Donkey Kong Country 2 in September.

What do you think of Japan's line-up of games?

Japan is getting Shin Megami Tensei II as part of this month's NSO additions

Thanks, Nintendo Life.

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