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James Gunn seems to tease a Lobo project

It seems like the DC antihero is about to get his own movie or TV series.

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Last month it was finally revealed that James Gunn (The Suicide Squad, Peacemaker) and Peter Safran (Shazam) are the new bosses at DC Films, and will make all strategic decisions as well as trying to establish a connected universe.

If you know Gunn, you are surely aware that two of his favourite hobbies are antiheroes and teasing fans. And it seems like he combined these two favourite past times when he started his account at the new rapidly growing Twitter challenger Mastodon. Gunn's first post was the short message "Glad to be here" followed by an out-of-nowhere image of Lobo.

Lobo is an alien antihero/villain that once was considered a parody of Marvel antiheroes like Cable, Punisher and Wolverine and was hugely popular in the 90s. He has never been in any movie or TV series (except from a minor visit in the very short lived Krypton series), but it seems like Gunn has plans to do something with him.

Jason Momoa said yesterday that he is going to get to do his dream DC project together with Gunn, but didn't say anything more than that. While we couldn't imagine a better Lobo than Momoa, it should be noted that Momoa is currently playing Aquaman in the DC Extended Universe and will also be back as the titular character in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom next year.

How interested would you be in a Lobo movie from James Gunn?

James Gunn seems to tease a Lobo project

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