James Gunn confirms that Peacemaker Season 2 is being written

The show is currently in pre-production.

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James Gunn is a very busy man these days, with the filmmaker heading up Superman: Legacy and also working on a variety of additional DC projects. One of these is the second season of Peacemaker, a TV series that fans have been clamouring over for a return ever since the brilliant first season made its debut.

Now that the script for the upcoming Superman film is in the books, Gunn has confirmed that he has started work on the scripts for Season 2 of Peacemaker. As mentioned in a comment on an Instagram post (thanks, Collider), the director has revealed that pre-production of the series has started.

There is no mention as to when the scripts will be finished or when the series will be making its return, but with tons of new era DC Universe projects in the works, likely don't expect Peacemaker back on your TV screen for a couple of years.


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