James Bond director Cary Fukanaga makes Tokyo Ghost movie

The No Time To Die director is taking on the mantle of adapting the comicbook.

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Cary Fukanaga, the director of the long-awaited No Time to Die, won't be without a job for long after the movie has been released. Now The Hollywood Reporter reports that he will take on the task of bringing a comic book to the big screen. More specifically, it's about Image Comics comic Tokyo Ghost. It is set in Los Angeles in the year 2089, where humanity has become addicted to technology and where criminals fill the streets to gather money for the newest technology.

Rick Remender, who has also written the comic, will write the script for the film so it remains to be seen how similar the film will be to the comic book. No premiere date has been set at the moment, so we will simply have to wait a while before we hear more about the project.

James Bond director Cary Fukanaga makes Tokyo Ghost movie

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