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Avatar: The Way of Water

Jake Sully will no longer be our narrator for the Avatar movies

His son Lo'ak will take up the mantle.

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It appears in Avatar 3 we won't be hearing the silky smooth voice of Sam Worthington narrate our story, and he will be replaced by his son, Lo'ak in that role.

On the Soundtracking With Edith Bowman podcast, which was reported on by Variety, Cameron stated that he might go back and tweak some things in Avatar 3 and beyond depending on what people responded to in the second movie. Then he said that it's already the case that Lo'ak - a character he states people "went with" is the narrator of the third movie.

This could be an important detail looking at the future of the Avatar franchise, as Cameron has confirmed that Lo'ak will only remain the narrator for Avatar 3. This means we could be seeing a detachment from the traditional family viewpoint we got in The Way of Water.

Are you excited to see more perspectives in the Avatar movies, or do you want Jake Sully's voice in your ear for all eternity? Let us know.

Avatar: The Way of Water

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