Beyond Good & Evil 2

Jade returns in Beyond Good & Evil 2

Some more familiar faces also return in the prequel.

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Ubisoft revealed a gorgeous-looking new trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 2 at their E3 Press conference that gave us a little more insight into its characters.

The trailer starts by showing the crew of your vessel worse for wear after getting drunk on the ship's cook's special meal filled with space chilis. As it turns out the ship's cook is actually Pey'j from the original game, which is one of the first hints that the sequel will be quite strongly connected to the original.

At this point, the ship gets attacked by a huge vessel and boarded by a samurai sword-wielding Jade, yes Jade the main protagonist from the first game. Gabrielle Shrager, narrative director at Ubisoft Montpellier, did confirm this would be a prequel, referring to Jade as "a young Jade" in relation to the trailer.

Weirdly, actor Joseph Gordon Levitt took to the stage during the gameplay reveal to talk about his company HitRecord and their collaboration with Ubisoft on Beyond Good & Evil 2. Essentially, anyone can create content for Beyond Good & Evil 2, whether that be music, images or recordings. You can then upload it to HitRecord who will send it to Ubisoft. If it gets approved it'll be added to the game to download and you'll get paid for your efforts.

The trailer did not give a release date but did announce the Space Monkey Program, a system that should provide regular updates to fans. You can sign up for the program via the link above. We'll keep you updated on any more Beyond Good & Evil new as E3 continues. Check out the shiny new trailer above.

Beyond Good & Evil 2

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