Rainbow Six: Siege

Jackal is getting a lot of changes on Siege's test server

The aim is to make the Operator "more effective and nuanced", increasing the risk/reward factor with the information provided.

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In Rainbow Six: Siege esports and just in general, Jackal often gets banned in the ban phase, which has prompted Ubisoft to make some adjustments, as revealed in the list of changes that have hit the PC test servers.

"We're aiming to make the information Jackal can get more effective and nuanced, but increase emphasis on cost-reward decision making when Jackal decides how to use that information," Ubisoft writes.

The number of pings Jackal gets has been changed based on the age of the footprint as well, with red prints (under 15 seconds old) giving five; yellow (16 to 30 seconds) giving four; green (31 to 60 seconds) giving three; and blue (61 to 90 seconds old) granting two.

Once the scan is done, Jackal needs to decide whether to keep or share the information. If you want to go alone, you can track the footprints and trail without using scanning, but if you share, teammates will receive a ping on the enemy and footprints will disappear.

Some other charges are affecting Jackal too, as he can no longer see or scan prints from below, his breach charges have been replaced with a Claymore, there's a highlight VFX to show which print is being scanned, and there's a scanning progress bar.

Can these alterations improve Jackal?

Rainbow Six: Siege

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