The Boys

Jack Quaid says The Boys Season 4 is his favourite

"It is never more of the same," he said.

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While we're all hyped about The Boys Season 4, for some viewers there is a nagging thought at the back of their mind, wondering where this series is going. With each season, it seems as if we're finally going to kill Homelander, or make some big change in the world, and yet then we go back to square one.

However, Jack Quaid has an extreme amount of faith in Season 4. Speaking with Collider, he argued that the series has always kept things fresh. "I think that's a real testament to the writers. It is never more of the same. They always find a way to somehow find new beats, and they never repeat themselves. It's been really cool," he said. "This is my favourite season that we've ever done. The writers have topped themselves. There are those moments that are big and explosive and gross and insane, and there's stuff that tops even the craziest stuff that we did last season, if you can believe that. And then, every character is so much more well-drawn and the material they're writing for everybody is just unbelievable. Personally, this is some of my favourite Hughie material that I've ever worked with."

Quaid also told us we can expect some nuts stuff right from the get-go in Season 4, so if you're up for more super-powered violence, then as always The Boys has you covered.

The Boys Season 4 airs on Prime Video on the 13th of June.

The Boys

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