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The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Jack Black goes full method for his latest Super Mario Bros. Movie promo

He's certainly got into the spirit of the Koopa King.

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie is just over a month away from release, and marketing for the film is kicking into full gear with the cast appearing on all the usual American talk shows.

To make his appearance on the Kelly Clarkson Show that much more special though, Bowser actor Jack Black got dressed up in a costume of his character. Black played it off brilliantly as though the other actors on the show had all agreed to also appear in Super Mario Bros. outfits, but then had left him out to dry as they'd all worn normal clothes.

A funny note about Jack Black's appearance in his Bowser outfit is that NBC decided to censor his nether region as he danced his way onto Kelly Clarkson's sofa, but failed to do so throughout the rest of his appearance, which just makes it look like a strange production error.

Check out the video of Jack Black in a Bowser costume below:

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

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