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Jabra gives us a look at the Active Elite 75T and Elite 45H

Audio is an important field of technology, and we got to see what Jabra is doing in this area during CES.

While the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) might be about technology like PCs and laptops for some, audio is still a big field that companies like Jabra are investing in, which is why we paid them a visit to see what products they had on offer.

Global PR chief Claus Fonnesbech talked to us about both the Active Elite 75T and Elite 45H, with the former aimed at sports use, meaning they're sweatproof, waterproof, and dustproof. The 45H, however, is a set of headphones that offer something different, along with a meaty battery life too.

Elsewhere at CES we also checked out the MSI Creation CH40 wireless earphones, as you can see here.

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