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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

It's time to settle our CS:GO Finals on GR Live

Last month's final had to be put on ice, but now we're ready to go again and see which team has what it takes to win our Counter-Strike tournament.

It all went a bit wrong the last time we tried it, but now it's time to put things right and wrap up the final of our CS:GO Tournament, with the action picking up where we left things back in December. More specifically, that means that Swedish team NoFun is up against Finnish outfit ACES, with the score 4-8 to ACES in a best-of-three match.

Once again the event will be hosted by Jacob and Jan and the show starts at 7pm CET. Tune in to our GR Live homepage then to see who will take home the glory (and the lion's share of the prize pool).

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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