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It's time to put down your Arms after the Party Crash Bash

Min Min is declared the ultimate champ as Nintendo says goodbye to the novel Switch brawler.

Nintendo has called time on Arms with this weekend's Party Crash Bash being the last planned online event for the quirky fighting game. The final online event, which was settled by players and their win percentages, featured Min Min and Ninjara, with the former winning out and declared the champion by Nintendo (or, as they put it, "Min Min for the win win").

Following the release of Arms, which is a novel fighting game that takes advantage of the unique functionality of the Switch, Nintendo supported the game with additional fighters and online events. Now, two years after the game was first unleashed, that support seems to have come to an end, and with no sequel in sight, this could well be the end of the line for this innovative fighter. Still, it was a solid run for a new IP and those who played the game will likely have positive memories when they look back.


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