It's official, Squid Game is Netflix's biggest ever series launch

The show has managed to pull in an astounding 111 million viewers.

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One TV series that has really dominated conversations since its launch in September is Netflix's Squid Game. The Korean survival drama has really resonated with audiences on a global scale, despite its earlier struggles of trying to get off the ground and find support for the script.

Netflix has now confirmed that Squid Game has become its biggest ever series launch with more than 111 million viewers tuning in to watch the fate of its characters. The previous record-holder that Squid Game was able to surpass was Bridgeton, which was able to pull in 82 million viewers. These viewing figures, if you were wondering, are taken from Netflix accounts that watch more than two minutes of a show, so it doesn't necessarily mean that all 111 million viewers watched the full series.

Do you know of any other TV series that might be able to challenge Squid Game's record?

It's official, Squid Game is Netflix's biggest ever series launch

Thanks, IGN.

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