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Shadow Warrior

"It's not Shadow Warrior 2. It's not Shadow Warrior HD."

Flying Wild Hog's Slawomir Uliasz details the reimagening of Shadow Warrior.

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We caught up with writer Slawomir Uliasz from Flying Wild Hog to learn more about the reimagening of Shadow Warrior.


"It's not Shadow Warrior 2. It's not Shadow Warrior HD. It's a reimagening of the series, more like a reboot. So it's our own version of Shadow Warrior. It bears however many resemblances with the original one. First of all it's a story about Lu Wang, almost the same character. He's younger here, it's not the same old geezer. Maybe he will be some day, but now he's just young and full of energy hero. But still he's not the brightest fish in the pond. He cracks a lot of jokes, some of them good, some of them bad, some of them cheesy. It's all in the character."

Uliasz did not go into detail about the talked about next-gen versions of the game and instead said no decisions had been made, but for now PC was a focus. He also explained why the game would not feature multiplayer even if the team had some ideas for it ("how could we compete with I don't know Battlefield 4?"). So with Shadow Warrior wrapping up (at least on PC) what's next for Flying Wild Hog?

"We've got of course many ideas. But I don't suppose there's any specific plans I can talk about right now. And right now, we are focused totally on Shadow Warrior and releasing it. And after that release, well, we'll see."

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