Rogue Company

It's Miami Vice time in Rogue Company

The new map lands alongside a penalty system designed to stop people from bailing on matches early.

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Rogue Company is the new online team shooter from Hi-Rez Studios (actually, it was developed by an internal studio called First Watch Games) and we enjoyed our first taste of the game back when it launched into paid early access (the plan is for it to be free-to-play further down the line).

Today marks the release of a new map that has been added to the roster. It's set in Miami-based nightclub and it's called Vice, so you can expect EDM, a light show, and pinkish-purple undertones everywhere you look (just check out the trailer to see what we mean).

The new map lands alongside a new deserter penalty system that should stop people from bailing when the going gets tough with extensive timeouts for repeat offenders, plus there's a new shooting range and a bunch of minor gameplay tweaks and bug fixes (you can read the patch notes if you want all the details).

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