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Two Point Hospital

It's all a "delicate balancing act" in Two Point Hospital

We caught up with Two Point Studios at Gamescom.

Two Point Hospital is launching on PC later this week (August 30) and as the game nears release we had the opportunity to catch up with art director Mark Smart and lead animator Christopher Knott during Gamescom.

It was in Cologne that the pair told us more about some of the quirky ailments that players will be dealing with in the game, as well as the range of customisation options available to players looking to build the perfect hospital.

"Everything you put down has a function," lead animator Chris Knott told us. "It will have a knock-on effect on the gameplay, and your staff and your patients. So for example if you put a coffee maker in, say, the doctor's room, they'll go over, have a cup of coffee. Then they'll be kind of hyperactive, supercharged, move everywhere faster, cure patients faster. They're just generally really hyper, but as the knock-on of that is that they will need to go to the toilet a lot more.

Two Point Hospital

"So, again, it goes down to that... there is the deep management sim part there that you have to make these choices, because you may be able to cure more patients but then is the doctor going to spend twice as long in the toilet, or wee themselves?"

"It's all a balancing act," art director Mark Smart added. "You can play it as a very functional level. Personally, I like to make everything look pretty. It's always that delicate balancing act. Do I spend money on a set of pictures? But you know that's going to have a benefit."

Two Point Hospital is heading to PC on August 30, but if the game does well we may see it make an appearance on additional platforms. Time will tell. Check out the full interview below for more.

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