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Splinter Cell 7

Italian voice actor for Sam Fisher appears to tease Splinter Cell

We've been expecting a return of Sam Fisher for a while now, and Luca Ward has updated his Facebook banner with suspicious symbols.

Save from Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Michael Ironside has always been the voice of Ubisoft's agent Sam Fisher, although some countries around the world usually change the original voice actors for a local one, including Italy. In Italy it is Luca Ward has been the voice of Sam Fisher, and now he seems to indicate that something is about to happen regarding Splinter Cell.

Ward has updated the banner of his Facebook page with a little symbol in the upper left corner that looks a whole lot like... well, take a look below.

Splinter Cell 7

Surely this must be connected to Splinter Cell somehow? We don't know how yet, but there have been several rumors regarding Sam Fisher's return, given that he's appeared in Ghost Recon: Wildlands and was heavily speculated to feature at E3 last year. If that would happen, we assume Ward would reprise his role as the agent, but that's pure speculation on our behalf.

We should add that Ward has also asked fans to share videos if they enjoy Splinter Cell, so this isn't just an isolated message.

What do you think Luca Ward wants to tell us with this banner? Surely it must be linked to Splinter Cell?

Splinter Cell 7

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